Shroud, 2019

Inkjet print on Hahnemühle paper,
Linen cloth smoked with Frankincense
65 x 52 cm,137x cm

“Shroud” is a photographic installation consisting of a simple juxtaposition between image and object. An image of a cloudy sky is juxtaposed with a folded length of linen cloth that was prior-smoked with frankincense.

The word “Shroud” as a noun could refer to the garment used to wrapping the corpse in a burial ceremony. Since linen as a type of fabric is often used as shrouds in burial ceremonies and is commonly paired with the use of frankincense to embalm the dead body, the length of cloth in this installation is not just any cloth, but specifically a length of shroud.

As a verb, the word “Shroud” could also mean “to cover or conceal”. Therefore, when describing a cloudy sky, we could also say it is shrouding over us.

Hence, when juxtaposing an image of shrouding clouds with a length of shroud, one could interpret it as a word-play of double meanings, yet simultaneously understand the cloudy sky as a burial shroud that covers all the beings under the sun.