Digital and Transcendental, Death and Light, 2019

“Last summer I started having panic attacks. I was in the cinema when it first started; when I realized I could not breathe, with my heart pounding fast and my vision blurred. As I struggle to catch my breath, I experienced immerse fear - the fear of death. It crawled out my senses and called upon my primitive angst. I was sent to the hospital’s emergency room, where I stayed till the dawn of the next day. Along with a series of examinations and blood tests, they found nothing wrong. Yet ever since my first panic attack, I have become very paranoid. It has reached an extreme that I would be horrified by simple “goodbyes”, as if they were the final farewells to my life; as if I would never wake up again once I close my eyes.”

Embarking from my personal experience of panic attacks and the subsequent struggles to recover, I have complied a series of work titled “Digital and Transcendental, Death and Light”.

The series surrounds some fragmentary contemplations on the issue of death and existential anxiety, while simultaneously illustrates on how mindfulness and interconnectedness played a role in my recovery.

Through employing different artistic media such as photography, installation, porcelain and found objects, I probe into the different poetic moments and rumination I encounter in my daily and digital life.

The works are as followed (click for work details):