The Soul of A Lamp, 2019

C-print, Plexiglas box, porcelain
70 x 51.36 cm, approx. 17 x 13 x 32.5 cm

“The Soul of A Lamp” is a juxtaposition between image and object. The object in this installation is a porcelain lamp that was casted from an actual desk lamp. In order to cast the porcelain lamp, the original lamp has to be taken apart and thus destroyed. What resulted from such process is merely the form of a lamp, which has no actual function and no light sourcing from it. Although the process of casting has successfully preserved its form, the life of the lamp has come to an end, along with the removal of its function.

Yet before the lamp was taken apart, I have turned it on for one last time and photographed the light emitting from its bulb . I then output this photograph as a chromogenic print (c-print), which was created through the process of exposing the image directly onto a light-sensitive paper. This allows the light emitting from the original lamp to be transferred and preserved onto a truly photo-graphic print. Through this particular ritual, the body of the lamp is destroyed, yet its soul is preserved in form of a c-print photograph. The process of such ritual resembles the elevation of the soul beyond a physical body.


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