Eventually Obsolete, 2018

Eventually Obsolete” is a body of work consisting of seven individual pieces of photographs and photographic installation surrounding an old CRT monitor manufactured in the year of 2000.
The project structures as an exploration of the ontological relationship between humanity and technology in the digital era.

The seven works are (click for work details):

Ever since humanity proceeded into the realm of digital reality, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and continue to define our existence. Under such Zeitgeist, I interrogated the nature of humanistic being, realizing how we are still undeniable human and fragile. Despite the sophisticated technology we have built, we will still eventually die.

Such idea of fragility is not exclusive to humans, but also applies to technology - something we thought of only being instrumental with no warmth. In fact modern technology is designed to become obsolete and just like us, faces eventual “death” and termination.

The body of work, consists of seven individual pieces, surrounds an old CRT monitor manufactured in the year of 2000. The outdated CRT monitor was first dissected, with its internal parts and elements taken out. The elements of the monitor were then subsequently juxtaposed with various parts of the human body with a matching nature, creating 7 individual pieces of works that stand as hybrids between humanity and technology.

Through such juxtaposition, I aim to compare the idea of “planned obsolescence” in modern technology with the eventual death of human beings. The two seemingly opposite parties (Technology vs. human) in fact face the same destiny of eventual termination; that technology dies just like humans. Through realizing the ephemerality of both technology and humanity, I wish to suggest a new perspective on how we should understand technology and ourselves under the zeitgeist of the digital era.


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