Untitled (Lightbulb From Grandpa’s House)

Inkjet print Hahnemühle photo paper
80 x 64 cm

The concept of “Planned Obsolescence” is used to describle products and technology that were designed to have a set expiry date in order for the manufacturers to foster their sales of new product and maximize profits. One of the most well known examples would be lightbulbs; it was the first product that applied such business tactics.

The photo shown above is therefore echoing to the theme of the body of work, with the lightbulb being an essential symbol for the idea of “Planned Obsolescence”.

Yet on a personal level, the lightbulb depicted in the photo was also from my grandpa’s house, symbolizing the relevance of existence and death to me on the personal life and how my grandpa constantly reminds me of humanity’s imminent cessation.


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