Untitled (The Body), 2018

Structure of CRT monitor, plaster, metal stand
130 x 25 cm

The Act Of Preservation, 2018

Instant film
5.4 x 8.6 cm
A set of three

In “Untitled (The Body)”, the CRT monitor was dissected and taken apart, what was left was only a hollow structure. I then poured in plaster to the structure to fill up its internal space, hoping to replenish the now hollow body of the monitor.

Plaster as a material both serves and symbolizes the process of casting and preservation; yet when I poured in plaster to the monitor, I wonder whether am I preserving the structure of the monitor or am I destroying it?

The process was documented with the use of instant film, titled “The Act of Preservation”, emphasizing the material aspect of the images and further shifting the question in the context of photography; when taking a photograph, are we preserving the subject or are we killing it?


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