Untitled (Being Here), 2018

Inkjet print on Hahnemühle photo paper
100 x 80 cm
20 x 14.27 cm
A set of two

“Untitled (Being There)” is a set of photo diptych. The first image in the diptych shows a glowing CRT monitor projecting blue light in the dark, while the second image shows the word “Daseinon a blue digital-like background.

The CRT monitor in the first image was projecting blue light, in which references the idea of Blue Screen of Death” in computers - the time when computers encounter fatal crashes and display a blue screen with an error message, symbolizes the termination of technology. If Look closely on the illuminating monitor within the photo, there is a small word that turns out to be “Dasein”.

The word Daseinliterally translates to “Being There” in German and was used by German Philosopher Martin Heidegger to describle the state of our existence, explaining how we ulimately exist relative to our death. When displaying against a blue digital-like background in the second image, the the word “ Daseinwas provided with an unique context, thus opened up various questions - What does it mean to exist as humans in the digital age? What does it mean to die in the digitial age?


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