The Consciousness of the Millennium, 2018

Inkjet print Hahnemühle photo paper, cable, electrical wire of the CRT monitor
100 x 30 cm

In “The Consciousness of the Millennium”, the electrical wires of CRT monitor were clinically taken out and carefully placed in a vertical orientation to resemble the form of nerves in the human body. Underneath the wires is an image that shows the manufactured date of the CRT monitor, indicating the year of 2000.

While the form of the electrical wires resemble nerves within the human body, the actual function of those wires were in fact similar to nerves, as they were responsible for transferring data and signals within the monitor.

I imagine how the zeitgeist of the millennium was running through these “nerves” of the CRT monitor throughout its lifespan and I wonder whether these “nerves” carry the consciousness of the millenium.


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